Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cooped with Croup.

One is a lonely number for a social two year old. Poor Addie doesn't like being home all day for a couple days in a row, let alone 7 days! Poor girl caught croup last week and we have been keeping her away from other kids and she has been so sad!! Days like today I think maybe for one second it would have been nice to have had twins so Addie would have a built in buddy...it is a small second. So after days and days of addie being stuck in the house while I cleaned away I decided we should have some toddler fun! We decided to mix ripped up toilet paper and grated soap to make a soggy soapy goop.

^She had to keep wiping her hands dry

^"mixa, mixa"

Addie has has been cleared to socialize again tomorrow, we are all very excited to get out of the house!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Addie is a big fan of hiding these days, and she will usually take my phone with her. The other day I was looking around the house with no luck, until I noticed some tiny toes peeking out from under the covers. Such a doll!

Life of Addie

Honestly I have no idea what goes through this little girls head. Her Imagination and the workings of her mind are beyond me. I'm not going to lie, most days are really challenging with this spunky, free spirited kid but I wouldn't change it for the world. She has so much personality is such a tiny body and I feel so terrible because I don't capture it enough. Last year I only had a few pictures of Addie being Addie. Here are some of the few I took.

^She is a big fan of animal books. Making the sounds is her favorite part

^She kept taking her birthday crown out of the birthday box and wearing it...backwards

Until a few weeks ago addie wasn't a big fan of clothes or getting her hair done. So most days she ran around like a little tarzan. She is also an extremely picky eater so olives and yogurt was pretty much the only thing we could get her to eat for a couple days. 

Monday, January 5, 2015


This year I'm going to be better at taking pictures of my family! I'm always taking pictures for other people and their families that I forget to take pictures of my own family. So sadly the pictures I took at thanksgiving were extremely limited.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family and it was filled with fun and traditions. We spent the night so we could wake up and enjoy the parade and cinnamon rolls, Addie loved it! The house smelled amazing all day and dinner was delicious. I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner and pie! Addie is a very picky eater (what happened to my food loving baby?) so she pretty much ate jello. Although she didn't eat all the delicious food she had a wonderful time with all her Aunts and Uncles, gama and gapa. 

^^Writing down what he is thankful for.

^^ I was too busy eating my yummy food, so this is the only picture I took....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Vacation- Yellowstone

So we had a family reunion at my grandparents in Wyoming (more on that later) and we decided to drive through Yellowstone on our way back home. Well...it rained. I actually love rain and how beautiful and vibrant it made everything. The down side was getting wet. I was sad I didn't get any pictures of all the beautiful wildflowers.

Since it was rainy most of the pictures are from inside the car.

^Little baby cakes looking out the window^

^So, when we were driving to the mud pots forrest was asking how people walk around with wild animals everywhere. I was telling him they generally stay away from the busy places...then this guy was just chilling next to the boardwalk.

^And on our way back to our cars this guy comes through the parking lot. So I guess they do hang around people.^ 

^Yellowstone falls^

^headed to the top of the falls^

^Coming back from the falls we saw these two. Forrest was pretty excited. My dad took these pictures and there isn't a zoom on my lens, so he was pretty close. 

^the rain cloud^

Old Faithful