Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is Halloween- La La Lalala

Happy Halloween Friends! 

One word Traditions. I happen to LOVE traditions and it is so fun to bring a little in from my childhood and a little from Forrest's. Also making some up along the way has been exciting.  Since we have been married each halloween we have done the following traditions. 
  1. Pick up our friends (the dougies of coarse!) 
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch and find our perfect pumpkins-Magical-
  3. Carve said pumpkin while listening to spooky music or watching "The nightmare before Christmas"
  4. Decorate the house while listening to Halloween music
  5. Dress Up [of coarse]
  6. Invite friends over make/eat carmel apples and watch the "classics"{The Halloween that almost wasn't-Forrest and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown- Me} and then we all choose a spooky movie to, not to spooky
  7. I watch "The nightmare before Christmas" after the party. (I have to watch it on Halloween)

We have so much fun, this year we didn't have carmel apples (my bad) -also- we carved our pumpkins a little early this year so they got kinda moldy. [eww] but we still had a BLAST!

Picture time!

Le Pumpkin Patch

Kelsie and her perfect pumpkin

Ben's Pumpkin

Logan, Forrest, and I

Group photo!

Me:witch hat with spider Forrest: Phineas Logan: baby face

                                                                       Dougies: Arial & Perry the Platypus  

[Costumes: NERDS]

What fun traditions do you have on Halloween?
Thanks for Reading! 



  1. I'm so sad our lit-up pumpkin pictures didn't turn out better! :( We're going to have to work on that for next year! Also..I wish I had watched Nightmare Before Christmas with you!! fun Halloween tradition is hanging out with you guys!!

  2. I know it! That is so lame, I don't understand why they didn't turn out. aw man, well next year we shall watch it- and maybe babies will join us!!! That is our tradition too. It wouldn't be Halloween without you guys!!