Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bruised and battered..but SO worth it!

Rain, rain finally went away, so I wanted to go out and PLAY! So I called up my hunk of a man and asked if he would like to embark on a new adventure with me. Turns out he did, as well as some of our friends. So off we went...our destination: stewart falls trail head. I use to hike to Stewart Falls all the time as a girl and I thought it would be a perfect sunny day activity.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! The temperature was perfect and everyone was in a good mood...untill we saw it...straight ahead. THE BOOTH! As we pulled up to the booth's little window we see a lady with a tan outfite who told us that it will cost us SIX dollars. I was not very happy with this! This lady was telling me that it was going to cost money just to enjoy the beauty of nature?? The nerve! So we turned around...we couldn't afford to go on a hike...I thought my day was going to be ruined! Should we just put our dollars together and go on the hike or just think of something else to do? well, as we were trying to decide what to do, our friend (Andrew) suggested that we flip a coin; heads we pay the six dollars and tails we turn around and find something else to do (that would not be as awesome or as fun!) as Forrest [a.k.a my handsome fiance] flips the coin I freeze, thinking that any move I make might change the way that coin is giong to fall...as I was watching the coin, it seemed as though it as in slow motion. falling, falling HEADS!!!! YAY! As we are pulling back up to the booth Andrew asked the lady if we could get a student disscount or something. She told us that we can get a free pass if we pick up all the trash that we see on the trail. "oh perfect!" andrew says, "I'm a boy scoutt, I was going to pick up the trash anyway". So off we go, our little trash bags in hand. We decided that it would be wise to pick up all the trash on the way back from the hike, rather then hauling this bag of trash around the hike.

It was so pretty!!! I have never passed so many hikers on one hike in my entire life of hiking, it was crazy but oh so fun! Life is so much happier on a hike I've noticed. Every single person we passed by on that trail (and it was alot) had a big smile on there face....well, most of them did anyway, with the exception of the ones that just fell down or were just plain tired. Why is it that people are so much happier on hikes? This is the question I was trying to answer as I was walking along the trail. I came to the conclusion that when one is hiking, one is really thinking about the hike itself and all of there "real life" problems are back in "town" so to speak. So that leaves me to belive that they are happy that they were able to get away from that stress and enjoy the beauty around them. And who wouldn't be happy in that situation? Forrest asked me, "why do YOU like hiking so much?" I didn't really know how to answer...I mean I have so many reasons...as I was thinking of a good simple answer that would make sense, this thought came mind; I remeber hearing somewhere that the reason dogs love to stick there heads out the windows is because all of the smells outside going into there nose all at once gives them a buzz...like a drug...and that is kinda how I feel when I'm hiking, all the beauty and the fresh air and the sweet smells give me that "buzz". That is what I tried to explain to Forrest.

Now I will let Forrest do a little "blogging". I am pretty apprehensive about blogging to be honest. Melissa has done such a great job and my typing and story skills leave much to be desired. But here goes. So it seems when Melissa goes on adventures with me she gets injured. I think perhaps i am bad luck :) For instance we went to my house a while back and during a game of hide and seek with the kids, Melissa slipped on mud and scattered two by fours and bruised her knees and got scraped up pretty good. On the hike she got snagged by some branches and got some cuts. Through all the bruises cuts and scrapes, i am amazed at the resiliance she possess. We continued the hike and she had no problemkeeping up and being in a cheery happy mood. And she always looks gorgeous through it all. Probably the thing i look forward to the most in a day is the moments i get to spend with my sweet fiancee. So when she had asked me to go on the hike there certainly was no hesitation in my decision to go. Along the way we got time to talk about important things and to talk about nothing and its those moments i really feel are special and hope for many many more. Next up i think is some genuine dates. I have always thought that i would date melissa forever and i certainly will. The other day at work i sheepishly asked for her phone number to call her to see if she wanted to go out. It was really fun just asking her. She very sweetly replied by giving me her number on a napkin, provided most generously by cinemark movies 8, otherwise known as the dollar theater. I have some other great ideas for taking her on dates and its just like back in the day when we were dating. its so good and im excited every time to come pick her up. Butterflies fill my stomach and my palms get sweaty and i just hope that i look good and smell good enough to impress her. More good times to come!

The truth about it all is I am such a lucky guy. The luckiest. I feel overwhelmed everyday at the amazing blessing i have recieved in being with melissa. She is truly amazing. I will type at you later!

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