Tuesday, June 30, 2009

his first 3D movie!!

Tonight was DATE NIGHT!! We had some AMAZING pizza and went to go see the new pixar movie-UP in 3D!! I am a BIG fan of pixar and I have wanted to see this movie for some time now and I got to see it!! I have mixed feelings about it, I think it is just SO different from all of the other movies. It was sad but sweet. I liked it still. And we had tons of fun! (for anyone that hasn't seen the movie and want to see it...don't read this next part)

In the movie there is a couple and it was SO cute!! It gave me hope, everything I see on TV almost scares me from marriage. It was nice to see a happy couple--granted they were animated, but I couldn't help thinking how cute they were to each other. As I watched it I kept thinking how that is going to be like forrest and I..I CAN'T WAIT! Then something happened and the couple was separated(I'm not going to lie, my eyes did water) And after I was telling forrest about that part and he turns to me and says "at that moment I thought; man, I'm so glad I have you for eternity!" all I can say to that is...AMEN! We are in it for the real deal, non of this until death do you part stuff. It is FOREVER straight up!
All in all the movie was fun! It is pretty cool actually, I love reaching up and trying to touch whatever it was that "pops" out of the screen. (the girl behind me didn't think it was as awesome as I did in fact I bet she really wished she had some duct tape to tape my arm down) I think I was a little more amused then forrest was, or he isn't a dork like me. He did like it though. My favorite part was when forrest would laugh. The theater had a grand total of twenty or so people in it so every time he would laugh it basically took over. It made me smile every time. Boy, I sure do love date night!!


  1. Hey guys! I posted some wedding pictures!!!

  2. Hey, can you have Forrest practice writing "love" in cursive backwards? I don't want to make any promises but I think we should try some fun stuff with those sparklers at your reception.