Friday, January 6, 2012

The Ocean beckons

Hi Friends! 

Well I have LOTS to post about the holidays and new years~ but it is a beautiful sunny day the breeze is wafting sweet smells of nature through my open window and the relaxing sounds of Dashboard Confessional fill the room. All I want to do right now is go Surfing. Yes, surfing- have I ever been? Nope but I've always wanted to and I LOVE the beach, I love the atmosphere of San Diego beaches. I always feel so happy and relaxed. I really think I should have been a Southern Californian! I've always loved the beach and beach houses. All the colorful flowers with green leaves everywhere, and windy sand roads up the hill to the houses. The wonderful sunshine and beautiful ocean. I just constantly want to be at the beach and soak up the sun! The closest I ever got to California was when my family moved to vegas. We almost moved to California but it never happened. I'm afraid I will never be a Californian (Forrest isn't a fan of living in Cali) so I will just have to go on dreaming. Deep down in my soul, I'm a pretend Californian. 


These are from our San Diego trip in May 2011

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