Friday, October 12, 2012


My little girl is getting bigger every day -It is bittersweet- I love my little family of three so much! I can't believe how much love I have for this little babe.

Last weekend my manly man went off to hunt -tis the season- so Addie and I headed to my parents. (who can't handle being alone at night because she freaks her self out? This girl!) Any tiny noise I freak, at times like those I wish I had a big dog...or wolf...or bear to scar the monsters under my bed. It was so nice to just hang out with my family while Forrest was away. Addie loved I mean LOVED all the attention! On the down side I really missed Forrest.

We enjoyed General Conference (a program where we get to listen and learn from the leaders of our church.) I always feel motivated to be a better person and try harder to focus on all the beautiful things in life rather then letting the hard things drag me down. Ah, my heart is happy!

I'm sad to say I didn't take to many pictures... but my mom took a couple.

[First Conference]

(so what if I'm wearing my husbands shirt...and sweats-don't judge) 

Addie was really just my cuddle buddy and I loved it!

[Love This Face]

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