Friday, December 14, 2012

here's hoping.

YOU GUYS! I just ate 2 fully loaded sugar cookies the size of my FACE! and I'm a little crazypants right now.  So, I love Love LOVE disney and I love all the pretty little princesses but I have noticed something- wait, first let me say were this thought is coming from. So Growing up there were two things that bugged me-my awesomely shaped nose and my amazingly long toes. I've grown to love both my nose and my toes but in high school I was very self conscious about them. Lucky for my forrest has a normal nose so addie has a chance. OK back to disney. So I noticed that all the villains have MY NOSE! umm... yea, I'm not kidding!
check it-



[Evil Stepmother]


see! see! I told you!!! anyway- I hope addie gets a non-evil nose.

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