Thursday, December 6, 2012


"post partom" is the PITS! not just plain pits I'm talking the smelly kind! I pulled my hair back in a ponytail today (a melissa classic) and discovered that I have a bomb receding hair's so attractive. There is melissa hair all over the house and it drives me crazy! Will my hair ever grow back?! I heard about this happening but after I had addie I still had tons of hair but I guess it hits 4 months after because BOOM! No more thick main of hair for this girl.
But you know what-Addie is worth it. She loves her mama, every time someone hands her to me she has the biggest smile. She doe the cutest giggle when I read her books or tell her stories. (and I tear up every time) She makes my day so much more meaningful and my heart is so happy. I am so honored and blessed to be her mama! If having addie in my life means I get to have stringy gollum hair-so be it.

Addie time from Melissa Hammeren on Vimeo.

I Love My Darling Baby Girl!

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