Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, I am a week behind my schedule....We got colds/allergies and had graduations/help family move so my run got put on the back burner. I know it is only 30 minutes but sometimes my days get too crazy. And if I run while I'm sick I only get sicker. So this week I finished week 3 and started week four. If I can squeeze in the rest of week four and start week five next week I will be in good shape. (schedule wise)
Todays run was pretty good. I was running in the park with my little buddy and I ran into a cloud for gnats! BLACH! I got two in my eye and 1 in the other. I didn't even see them until I was in the thick of it. None in my mouth...but one was stuck to my lip.
All in all it was a good run. It is so much harder for me to run on uneven pavement while pushing a stroller verses a treadmill. I can just focus on my run/music when on the treadmill. When I'm outside I have to make sure I don't twist my ankle, watch to keep Addie from dropping her toys and not trip.

[For Real]

it was really sunny out and I felt weird taking a picture of myself (plus my neighbor walked by) so I just hurried and snapped a picture and this is what I ended up with. oops. Not sure what is going on with my eyebrow. 

[Little Buddy]

She got a nice little nap! Ah, what a nice life!!

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