Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, last week we headed to Idaho to spend some time with my husbands family. Normally I don't work out on Saturdays but I was behind schedule so I was planning on running there. (I've "ran" there before and the scenery was beautiful. Plus there is just something amazing about the sound of gravel under my shoes.) so I was actually a little excited. We got there and my father in law actually had a gym membership and could take guests! So Forrest and I joined him. This place was HUGE and I generally tend to shy away from gyms because of all the muscle-y people and the tiny women that have perfect ponytails and name brand clothes. And here I am, frumpy and baggy with a saggy ponytail/tangled knot hair due going on. But going in this time I had a completely different attitude. I was there to work hard and accomplish a goal and I don't care what anyone thinks. So I got on the nice fancy treadmill (that had so many buttons I couldn't even figure out how to change the speed) and started running! (I can run for 5 min. Straight now!) well, right next to me a lady got on the treadmill (honestly I didn't notice) but then came her personal trainer...HUGE muscles complete with a fake tan. Oh man, I got intimidated. But I kept doing my thing, I was on a mission! Luckily they were not on very long but he kept looking over at me. Probably because I randomly sing little blips of whatever song I'm listening to help pump me up. (Hee hee) on week 4 you go from running for 3 min segments to 5 min segments. I ran the full 5 min without cheating!! I was seriously feeling so good I was literally smiling while I ran. I really had to push my mind, I kept telling my self "GO!" and "Come on" and "Move it" to psych my mind so I could push my body further. I found that when I think I can't run anymore I listen to my amazing music and motivate myself... By saying words out loud. Haha I bet people think I'm a weirdy but it really works for me. I'm not yelling, I just say the words under my breath when I breath out. I felt amazing! Now I need to work on my breathing while I run so I can avoid the HORRIBLE side "stitches" I get while I run.

                      [for real]

Yea, I was feeling pretty dang good! And I was so proud of myself. 


  1. You go! Pretty sure I haven't been running in like 3 months!!! oops!