Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Morning

Our morning was filled with joy, magic and, delicious food! We had so much fun spending time with family and giving each other gifts! Little Addie normally sleeps until 9:00am and all my siblings were going crazy and wanted to go see the presents…and I was pretty excited for Addie to see her presents so I woke up sleepy little Addie at 8:30 down the stairs we went. This year Santa brought Addie some musical instruments and she was a big fan. She also got her first "bee bee" doll and got her first "silky" made by her granma! Addie was pretty spoiled this year! She was having a blast doing her puzzles and looking at everyone else's presents. She didn't really get the whole unwrapping concept, she didn't show any interest in that but she loved looking at what was under the wrapping paper.  My parents and Grandparents got us amazing new tires for our car! They were beautiful!! We had a great holiday and hope you and your family did too! Here are some pictures for Christmas morning!

[Christmas Morning]
^since Addie was the youngest she got to go down the stairs first^

^Playing and dancing around with her new musical instruments^

                          ^so excited for her "silky" it is smooth and silky on one side and super soft mink fabric on the other^

^Grandparents got addie this cute toy! I loved it as much as Addie^

^New slippers!^

 Addie was having a blast checking out everyones presents (she loved my little sisters American Girl Doll) My siblings kept sticking bows on her. Addie was dancing, doing puzzles, eating chocolate, organizing toys and celebrating all day.  It was fantastic day and beautiful memories were made.

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  1. Fantastic pictures, i love the different angles and colors. Nice work! A great way to remember the holidays!