Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cooped with Croup.

One is a lonely number for a social two year old. Poor Addie doesn't like being home all day for a couple days in a row, let alone 7 days! Poor girl caught croup last week and we have been keeping her away from other kids and she has been so sad!! Days like today I think maybe for one second it would have been nice to have had twins so Addie would have a built in buddy...it is a small second. So after days and days of addie being stuck in the house while I cleaned away I decided we should have some toddler fun! We decided to mix ripped up toilet paper and grated soap to make a soggy soapy goop.

^She had to keep wiping her hands dry

^"mixa, mixa"

Addie has has been cleared to socialize again tomorrow, we are all very excited to get out of the house!!

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