Friday, February 26, 2010

Boys will be boys....

Alright, so I LOVE little kids! They do the funniest things! Sometimes I wonder how in the world they come up with this stuff- For example; my husband told me about what his little brother did today:

Picture if you will-a 7 year old boy, blond, pretty BIG for a seven year old, I mean he has got some meat on his bones, walking around in a dress acting mischievous. He goes into his sister's room (10) who is playing with her friend. He proceeds to ask her friend what her favorite color was. "Pink!" the girl replied and off he went! He was looking for some pink flowers, and drawing a picture with pink in it for her. As he is running around the house his other sister (23) see's a flash of  red dashing through the living room with a heavy thumping sound with every step. Now she knows that there is only one person in that house with a stature such as that and yet so "light on his feet". So she corners this conniving 7 year old and asks him what he is up too. He looks around as to make sure no one else is listening and proceeds with a low whisper (you know that whisper- the one that is really loud so you might as well be talking normal) this is how the conversation went-
Jenae' : "LeGrande, why are you wearing a dress?"
LeGrande: "SHH, don't say  my name so loud, I am trying to trick her into thinking I am a girl so she will let
                  me sit by her"
Jenae': "Alright then......"
And off her goes, red dress and all!

Next example of how crazy a little boys brian works:
My mom was telling me a story about my little brother Jacob (5) here it is:

I get a call from my mom, she tells me that Jacob punched a girl in the arm today in preschool. So I ask to talk to him on the phone:

Me: "Jacob....why did you punch a girl?"
Jacob: " Please don't be angry with me, I got in trouble already"
Me: "I'm not, I just want to know why you did it"
Jacob: " The teacher didn't let me make a sword during craft time!"
Me: "So you hit a girl??? I don't understand."
Jacob: "No melissa...uhhh, I punched the girl because she said she was going to marry the other
            Jacob, so now all the girls in Las Vegas are all going to be married when I grow up."
Me: "I see...well you still have a while"
Jacob: " no I don't, so I am going to ask Maddy to marry me" (Maddy is my 10 yr. old sister's friend)
Me: "I don't think that is a good idea"
Jacob: "Well it is!!!"
Me: "Ok, good luck"
Jacob: "Thank you very much. Goodbye"

Hahaha, I was laughing so much after this conversation! I LOVE little kids and the things they say!

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