Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Criminal's Eye view:

       Last night I learned that if I were a criminal I would FAIL!! Last night our good friends Kelsie and Ben came over, well we decided that we should go get some ice cream. So as we leave our apartment Forrest locks the door as usual and then I ask him…”did you get the keys?” THAT is when it happened- we were LOCKED OUT of our apartment! (Don’t worry it gets even ‘better’) We try everything we can think of to get in but with no luck. So we attempted to contact our landlord with no luck. OH! I almost forgot, Forrest’s head gets wacked on our neighbors screen door (we live in a basement apartment, so this happened while he was bending down to look at one of our windows) poor guy!! He got a nice little cut on his head from that. Despite our efforts, we could not get in. So we spent the night at Ben and Kelsie’s. (Thank goodness we have such amazing friends!) Morning came, we receive a text from our landlord saying he DOESN’T HAVE A KEY!!! Lucky for us Ben’s amazing brother in-law owns a window company, so he came over to try and break us into our house. Keep in mind that we thought we thought of everything; so he comes over, walks over to our front window pops of the screen and low and behold it was UNLOCKED! Apparently I forgot to lock it after I had it open earlier that day. (don’t worry we lock everything at night for sure-and I always lock the windows.)

So bottom line- I would FAIL as a criminal.

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  1. I just feel stupid that *I* didn't check the front window - silly screen didn't have tabs on the outside, so I didn't even try. Sniffle..