Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lets stay in Tonight.

Forrest and I decided to stay home for valentines day this year. Because it was VALENTINES day I wanted to make it special so I decided to transform our little dinning room into a romantic cafe for two! Being on a budget and short on time I had to be a little resourceful, but it turned out FANTASTIC and we had a great time! I thought I would share with you what I did because I am always wanting new Ideas for things. First I had to decide what to put as my center piece? I wanted to do something with candles...what is a romantic dinner without a little candlelight?... I needed to get candle stands as my center piece so I went to TJmaxx! I found the perfect candle stands, I got all three for SIX DOLLARS! I also bought a pack of twelve votives for FOUR DOLLARS! As beautiful as my three candle stands were I needed more candle light and I'm a big believer in using what you have so I grabbed our everyday glasses and put them around the flowers forrest gave me. Then I cut out some hearts and put them around the candle stands.  

Next I wrote reasons why I loved forrest and tapped them to the wall....
(I just used the paper that was used to wrap the glass candle stands in, and some cheep lipstick I had from back in my performance days)

I also added a fun little note for him in the bathroom so he saw it when he looked in the mirror...with lipstick of coarse!

Put it all together and TADA!!

We enjoyed a romantic dinner and it was just us!!



Memories made that night=PRICELESS! 


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