Friday, July 29, 2011

Will this EVER end?!

About two more weeks in the semester left... and then again in the fall...and then in the winter....over and over the cycle never ends I can' take it anymore! The quicker I finish my classes the quicker I graduate but I'm going crazy here! Most difficult thing- staying motivated- BLAH! I guess I will just keep plowing through all this homework, tests, busy work and hope to see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel soon.  I wish I could just go to school to learn. done. no tuition, deadlines, homework, annoying administration. A girl can dream. - to all of you reading this and are still in school.. YOU CAN DO IT! also, I feel your pain- What keeps you motivated? (in school, work, everyday chores)  


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  1. I tell ya, it's hard to stay motivated but just think..once you are done you are going to feel so relieved and amazing! I haven't experienced it yet, but I can get a glimpse of what it could feel like. So keep working hard and hang in there! You are doing great and don't worry, there will be an end to this...."this to shall pass". And once it's over, I'm sure you'll have kids and craziness in the house and then you'll think, "I miss the days I was in school and living free" enjoy the time you have now! :)