Friday, July 29, 2011

Ant killing remorse-

Ants in my pants! okay, maybe not my pants but they were EVERYWHERE! I would look down and see just one...then look again. 2 more then 8 more...GAH! I would vacuum the little hole they would scurry out of daily. I thought maybe the ants would wonder where all the little ant friends went (because I vacuumed them up) and go away. No such luck. Thank Goodness for our friends Ben and Kelsie. They gave us an ant "trap" where the ants crawl in pick up a deceivingly delicious crumb and take it back and poison ALL the other ants. Including the "Queen" (it said so on the box) 3 days later- no more ants! I had to spoil it by watching Disney's "A Bug's Life" this evening and the struggle those poor little ants go through, and I just killed them all including the queen of the ants!
(This is how I imagined all there little faces once the took a bite out of the poisonous crumb) Picture from the movie "A Bug's Life" a Disney/Pixar film
I know, I know all those poor little ants thought they were getting a feast but really...DEATH... then I decided if all ants were as cute and friendly like Flick then I wouldn't dream of killing them. Maybe just a relocation. I would talk to the queen and tell them to move. easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Question:Do you ever feel bad about things like that? i.e. feeling bad about throwing old toys out because of a movie like "Toy Story" ?



  1. Oh my gosh Liss, haha, we are like the same! Although ants are one creatures I don't always feel bad about killing..something about them. But anyway, yeah I totally know what you mean about the whole Toy Story thing. Welcome to my life. haha

  2. HAHAHA! I have felt bad for killing ants before, but I have since become hardened to it. Try lint rolling them works me :)