Saturday, October 15, 2011

Every Year on August Eighth

On August 8, 2009 Forrest and I were married for time and all eternity in the beautiful Las Vegas Temple.

This past August we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Forrest surprised me with a romantic get away to The Little America in Salt Lake city. We had so much fun! We explored the GORGEOUS hotel, ordered room service for dinner (it was DELICIOUS by the way) and we watched all the lights of the city flickered on one by one before nightfall while sitting on a plush sofa. It was so beautiful to watch all the buildings start to glow.  I had such a ball basking in the brilliance of that moment. (I may or may not have pretend I was royalty or some fancy shmancy person)
(Forrest and I with the lights of Salt Lake City-view from our room) 
 These past two years have been so much fun! I still consider us newlyweds. It has been so fun getting to know my amazing husband better everyday. I will admit that I have learned all the buttons I can push to annoy him-and I may push them from time to time- but we have so much fun together. Here are some of the fantastic things I love about my man:
  1. He always holds my hand.
  2. Every night he brings me a refreshing glass of water before I go to bed
  3. He works extremely hard to provide for our family
  4. He always thanks me for work I do around the house
  5. Tells me I'm beautiful
  6. Tries to find new ways to make me laugh
  7. Supports me in all I do
  8. He will (If I'm having a really bad day) watch a chick-flick with me
  9. Always dresses his best for me
  10. Plans surprises for me-and leaves false clues so I get thrown off track
  11. I can tell him anything knowing my secret is safe with him
  12. He gets excited for me whenever I'm excited (like sales at crafting or clothing stores...etc.)
  13. He always makes me feel like the most Beautiful Queen in the whole universe 
  14. AMAZING sense of humor
  15. He has the best laugh in the world.
Thank you Forrest for being the most amazing Man I will ever meet! I love you. 

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