Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!

Hi friends!!
Last weekend we celebrated my moms birthday! We went out for dinner at the harvest in thanksgiving point-it was DELICIOUS! I am sad I didn't take any pictures at the restaurant- live and learn. After our bellies were filled to the brim we went back to the house for a party! I put my little brother in charge of the camera, he took some pictures for me. Wanna see? 

[Party Time]
Mom got an iPhone! 

Dad making the cake

Peewee played her violin while we sang our birthday songs. 

all the little kids with mom

little Lou was concerned about the smoke from the candles. 

but she go over it. 

mom with the poster us kids made and the flowers dad got her.

We had a fun night! I was SO excited to eat some chocolate chocolate chip cake! We only have it at birthdays (to keep it a specialty) and I've been wanting some since January!! Spending time with family is always so fun, Forrest and I are so happy to have family so close now!  
Thanks mom for having a birthday and being the best mom in the world! We love you!!

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