Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20 weeks along with a little baby belly.

Hi friends!
First I would like to say thank you!!!! Thank you for all the kind wishes, it is nice to see how excited you all are for us! It feels SO good to talk about it, we kept it a secret for so long and we were just so excited.....it was difficult. But now we are FREE! you may wonder why we waited so long to announce it?  Well, we wanted to wait until we heard our precious babies heart beat before announcing anything to our families. (at our Dr. Office they don't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks) When I heard the heart beat I couldn't stop laughing all day long, I was just so happy. Then timing on telling our families wasn't working out but finally it worked out so we could tell both families around the same time! The clock was ticking because my little brother was leaving on his mission soon and we wanted to tell everyone before he left. 

[20 week baby bump]

I finally have a baby bump!! technically I'm in my 21st week right now,but this was taken at 20 weeks. We found out we were having our little baby the day after Thanksgiving, we were at the Hammeren's house so it was REALLY hard to keep it a secret. It was funny how everything started to make sense, for example: I LOVE pickles and olives....LOVE them, and at thanksgiving I stuff my face with them. Well this year, I would look at a pickle or olive and instead of my mouth watering, I could feel my face turning green. blah. I was also ridiculously tired.  Thank you all again!

Thanks for reading! 

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