Monday, May 14, 2012

In the club.

Yesterday I got to celebrate mothers day! I felt so cool to be a part of the mama club. Even though baby isn't here yet it is still lots of work growing a baby. It takes a lot out of person. Getting really sick all of a sudden, being insanely tired all the time, not being able to eat the foods I use to love because they make me feel icky, bumping into things because I don't realize how big my tummy really is all COMPLETELY worth it when that little baby kicks! My favorite it when it moves its whole body and my tummy a hungry cartoon. I also love Forrest's reaction when he gets to feel or see it kick!
So, back to mothers day. I got a beautiful pink flower with the sweetest note (seriously, you would gag from sweetness) from Forrest. It is beautiful, cheery, and I love it! I love how it brightens up the room! I felt so important, and all day I couldn't believe that I'm a mom. eh, even writing that made me feel weird. ha. Thanks forrest for making me feel like a queen!

We only have 76 days until little froggers arrives and I'm not gunna lie, I'm kinda freaking out! Don't get me wrong I'm SO excited to snuggle and play with our little baby but I'm so nervous that I'm going to break it. not even joking. I'm the oldest of 6 kids and I helped my mom out a lot-but-I'm still nervous. I'm feel so blessed that my mom lives SO close and I know I can call her for anything. She pretty much knows EVERYTHING that has to do with babies. (and everything else) She is always so willing to help out. My mom is always there for me and supports me. She makes so many sacrifices for us on a daily bases and I'm grateful for all the lessons she taught me (even though at the time of the lesson I wasn't always so grateful) Thanks mom for all that you do and I only hope I can be half your amazing mommy-ness. If I can accomplish that, this little baby will be in good hands!

me and my mama!

Oh, really quick-something kinda fun happened. Now that I'm in the mom club and I was asked to join and share my ideas on this fun new blog called crafter mom check it out!

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