Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Ol' Belly!

And the bump keeps growing! These past couple weeks have been pretty rough, I've been getting sick...ALOT. But its worth it. My doctor said eat lots of protein so that what I'm doing. My favorite snacks right now are edamame (soybeans) and Almonds. YUM!
I've had to skip out early on some fun events because of this sicky feeling but Forrest reminds me that at the end of next month baby will come and "poof" no more sicky! YAY!
In other news- we have been hunting for a car like crazies! (one with air conditioning) we don't want to make baby sweat its brains out/ breath in the awesome fumes that come from old old old cars.
We also are getting our backyard looking nice and pretty. Ok, our backyard is pretty little but dang it is lots of work. The fact that it is facing west doesn't help-when fatty drops of sweat hit the pavement I can hear it sizzle...ok fine its not that bad but it feels like it. Being from Vegas heat doesn't bother me too much but working in the heat (or even just walking) is impossibly difficult. Sometimes I feel like a roasted turkey complete with steam, hobbling around. (oh, yea my walk is more of a hobble. But I always had a weird walk so whatevs.)
That is it for now, I leave you with a picture of my big ol' belly!

32 Weeks.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!


  1. You are lookin' so dang cute! Forrest is right, as soon as that baby is out life is 10x better! (Maybe after the 6 week recovery period :)But you're not sick anymore, it's not hard to walk or move, AND you have that little baby in your arms!