Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 I just wanted to say that we watched 4 women- yeah 4 of them give birth to alien like creatures in our "prep" class. Can I just say something....I have to WHAT NOW? Why the heck would they make us watch something so terrifying?!? and why do they show us once its too late? there is no turning back now! You know that feeling when you are about to do something that scares you and you just gotta close your eyes, yelp, and do it? Well I was completely happy and willing to do that. but no. They had to educate me and say things like- since this is your first baby, your body is doomed! (they didn't actually say this, but that is how it translated in my head) I just want them to knock me out and poof! Baby! (like when they pulled out my wisdom teeth, drugs-sleep-done) and to top it all off apparently this kid decided to be a fatty with a big head. YAY! Labor has always freaked my out-I am not one who thinks it is a beautiful thing. (The fact that life was created inside my body blows my mind!) But Labor....ew.  with all of that said: I'm about to go through a freak ton of pain and face one of my biggest fears (aside from anything to do with birds) so you better believe I'm going to be crazy protective and everyone is just going to have to deal. Because I went through -censored- to bring that baby here and you better believe what I say goes.  My baby, My rules. hmm? what? what about the father of this child you ask? Better listen to him too because I tell him the rules and he enforces them. So if you don't what him to go all crazy Krav Maga on your face- don't mess with our baby!


  1. What about the conundrum of when Forrest messes with the baby? Does he then Krav Maga himself? : D

  2. hahaha oh Melissa, you crack me up!! Having a baby is one of my greatest fears I totally understand what you mean when you say all of this! I think I'll be banning myself from all knowledge of labor before I have my would freak me out!