Sunday, July 29, 2012


So you might be wondering who Dr.Smoothface is, let me explain. Dr.Smoothface is what I call Forrest after he shaves. Well for the past couple years months he decided to turn all wild mountain man on me and let his beard grow.  First off I'm NOT a fan of facial hair on women and men alike! (baby monkeys/adult monkeys excluded) so I was less then thrilled about his love of growing his beard.
[Mountain man]

But Saturday morning in the midst of my chores and hobbling up and down the stairs like an umpa lumpa I heard the sound of the "buzzers" coming from the bathroom upstairs. YES! Dr.Smoothface is back!! I was so happy, I added a little skip to my hobble. To my surprise Dr.Smoothface did NOT come out of the bathroom, instead came the prospector from hey howdy ville. I laughed so hard I thought the baby was going to pop out. (unfortunately it did not)

[Meet the Prospector]

hahaBAHA. Although it made me giggle to look at... the mustache still counts as facial hair, so I was not a fan. Then that night I came in the room to go to bed and I looked over and freaked out a little bit. who IS that?!? I went through all of the fighting moves in my head (you know, sherlock Holmes style) Grab pile of baby books and through at intruder to confuse him. Then take the fan next to my bed and beat him down. Once he is down RUN. so, broken nose and possible some paper cuts on his face from books. Recovery time 20 min. 
But then I looked again and it was like Belle when she saw the beast as a human for the first time! Dr. Smoothface?? Is it really you? I'm not going to lie, it kinda freaks me out to look over at him. I've noticed that all day today I kinda kept my distance I'm really weirded out!! But I'm SO happy Forrest shaved. Now we won't have one of the pontipee brothers OR The prospector in baby's new born pictures. YAY! 

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