Wednesday, August 1, 2012

40 weeks and counting...ACHK!

Well I am past 40 weeks and I really want to meet this baby! I'm ready to dress it in all its cute little clothes. I'm SO excited to find out if this is going to be a mini little me or a little tiny Forrest. It is going to be so much fun getting to know this sweet little spirit and let me tell you this baby has got some spirit. I thought at 40 + weeks the baby doesn't move as much. FALSE! All day long- hiccup hiccup, PUNCH! Stretch. Attack Ribs with tiny baby feet- that is just part of it. This baby will be a handful, YAY!

[40 weeks]

Ok, so this isn't me, but it is what I feel like. It is HOT ALL the TIME! I basically am heat miser. 

[Real 40 week picture]

This baby better come soon!

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  1. You look sooo stinkin cute, Melissa!!! I love your sweater too :) I'm still so happy for you guys, it's so great you guys have a baby girl now! I still remember the times when we would talk about having little girls, and the outfits we would get (you would make) for them...and now you have one!! Presh. Miss you! I really want to see you guys...will you be in Utah for long? I should be there in the next several months of so. Definitely December. We will get together. I want to meet this new adorable baby of yours!!!