Sunday, July 15, 2012

Got some extra va in my Voom.

   Well I made it! I'm in the dreaded 9 months pregnant club, and I feel great! I actually don't feel too bad at all. During these months I have learned to adjust my level of pain scale and what is pain or just uncomfortable. I discovered that after I have been uncomfortable for so long it just becomes a part of my life and I tend to forget about it-what is the use of complaining about it right? (however I find that occasionally groaning like a hungry wild bear into my pillow while laying limp on the bed/couch seems to subdue the pain a bit) but once I'm relieved of something uncomfortable...I feel like ahhhhhhh. I'm free. I've been blessed with an easy pregnancy (I'm guessing, I've never done this before) and I still work out in the mornings. (and by work out I mean playing dance central 2 on the xbox kinect or pretending I'm some kind of Olympic hero whilst jogging on my elliptical) 

   But some days are better then others. I love when I'm having a pleasant conversation with my sweet Forrest and mid conversation I turn into the wicked witch of the west and seek my evil flying monkeys on him. (poor guy, he doesn't stand a chance against those monkeys!) Somedays I feel fabulous (like all the happy tan and creepishly thin maternity models who gained no weight what so ever except for their bellies) And other days I feel not so fabulous  (like a pot bellied pig with droopy eyes that just wants to lay in the shade all day!) But man is my belly big! I mean WHOW, I don't think I look to bad from the front but then I turn to the side and thats why you don't swallow watermelon seeds. My bad. Oh, but the best is when the baby decides to get into some sort of skiwhampy position which equals a lopsided belly for me. I try to gently nudge smoosh the baby to a different position but that is a no go because it just moves right back into place. oh well, this little baby's contract is up in about a week or two so it better start packing. I feel kinda bad for the poor little thing, one moment it is basically floating free nice and warm. Safe from this cold cruel world and then without warning...not so warm and free anymore. (I do not envy that journey, getting squished for hours and then poked and prodded. Good luck little babe.) Anyway, all is well here and baby should be here...soon. (cross my fingers)

[38 Weeks]

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  1. Honey, you look soooo cute and darling with that {huge} baby bump!! I'm so so happy for you both! =]