Sunday, September 16, 2012


Today we got in touch with our inner hunter/gatherer-ness! Well more of the gatherer part. Forrest's sister invited us to come pick berries with her and her family.   It was so fun to walk around and pick berries! We picked some raspberries and blackberries. Picking blackberries- FUN! Picking raspberries- not as fun..the bushes had little thorns and Forrest noticed a lot more bugs. Addie basically slept the whole time, but she really likes to be outside and we like to take her on adventures to explore and grow. She may be tiny but I think she liked it, plus it is good to get her out of the house and have her look at new surroundings. My sister came with us (she was over at our house helping me out with addie so I could get some actual deep cleaning done around the house...and to come hang out with me!!) Bottom line- I found a new tradition- Berry Picking!

[The Berries]

We brought the umbrella because we didn't have a sun hat for Little Addie and we wanted to keep her in the shade. (brilliant idea provided by my sister)

Forrest really enjoyed hunting around to find the best berries! He really got into it!

Also I just had to share with you all the ingenuity of our little niece...

hehe! she is going for the hands free method. Bucket in the pants..why didn't I think of that?

Thanks Boam family for inviting us along! We had a BLAST! 

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