Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuckered out.

one word for you- WHEW! and that isn't really even a word. Being a mom is NOT an easy task and I challenge anyone who says otherwise to a duel. Thats right, if I hear anyone say "you just stay home all day and watch T.V" I will slap your sad sorry face with a white glove..or anything that I have that might resemble a glove. This little babe is wearing me out! "Don't babies just eat sleep and poop?" NO!  They cry..and CRY! I know it is how they talk but when Addie makes the tiniest peep I leap from whatever I was doing and come to her aid. Because of this if I don't respond to her peeping (because I have the nerve to use the restroom) she starts to cry well I can handle that and then there is the Cry! This is what I call her melt down mode. She is a little diva and if she doesn't get her way aka being held when she wants to be held (like when I put her down so I can hurry and put my hair in a ponytail) she freaks! Full on read face cry, and I HATE this cry!! I will do whatever to avoid this cry...

She has the best timing! when she takes naps I try to hurry and clean/get ready/eat/BREATH. but once I get ready to sit down and eat some food or mid toilet scrub down or my fav. once I'm all shampooed up she calls. This is what I hear- "waa" translation: attention attention I am now awake and ready to be served. If I don't respond to the little peep of a cry it turns into this "Waa" translation: Servant! Servant! I have beckoned you once already why are you not here? and then if I still don't come it turns into this "WAA" translation: OFF WITH HER HEAD! I'm doomed when she gets that mad.

Now don't worry I'm not a terrible mother and ignore her cries (lets be honest, it's my first kid so I respond to every peep if I can) but if I'm shampooed up I can't just hop out sobbing wet and soapy plus I know for a fact she is safe, nice fresh diaper, burped and fed she just wants attention/be held. It is my fault, I ALWAYS hold her simply because she is the cutest thing ever! if only I had an extra set of arms. ahhh, a girl can dream. Once it hits mid day I'm tuckered out and feel like a zombie, I'm constantly sweaty (what the heck? I'm not pregnant any more, shouldn't that go away?) so I always feel grimy sticky and just plain ookie. I wish Forrest could come home to a sparkling house, dinner on the table and a non zombie wife but that just isn't going to happen for a while. I'm doing good to change clothes let alone actually get ready. I am attempting to have a schedule where different days I accomplish at least one activity for myself. Today-Blog. Tomorrow-practice my violin (oh my old friend how I've missed you) man, once I get the ok to exercise again I'm going to have to fit that in...How will I ever do this? Well I leave you pictures of the beautiful miss queeny. I will say this, she is the ONLY person that can scream at me and get a smile and kiss in response.


  1. I almost forgot about the sweating! That should stop soon...hopefully!

    Little Addie is soo cute!

  2. haha yea, it is annoying! once she starts to eat I sweat like crazy and get extremely CRAZY thirsty. aww thank you!

  3. Lol, yes I forgot about that too- the sweating is totally normal- its your bodies way of slowly getting rid of the extra fluid it was storing. I used to get night sweats really bad for a month or so. :) all the fun things you never know! It will take your body around 6 weeks to be relatively back to normal :)

  4. Melissa I am in an infants and toddlers class and I am reading a really interesting book that might help with the crying, which is totally normal by the way, it is called The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp. You should check it out!