Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Friend.

I have TONS to blog about, but I don't really feel like blogging about them right now. So I'm not going to, muhHA! I do however need to tell you guys about Addie's new pet/friend.
First off as Addie gets older she gets more and more personality. I LOVE it, she gives me some serious attitude through her really she does! The other day I put her in her car seat and she gave me this look like "you really think you are going to take me on some errands?" and "um, don't you dare leave me in this blasted carseat!" oh she makes me laugh.

[Wild smiley baby]

Anyway, back to her and her new friend. Meet Addie's Friend Sophie the Giraffe. Addie just loves to snuggle and pet sohpie...sometimes chew but most the time just snuggle. Enjoy it now sophie, once teething season starts you are in for a wet ride!

[Addie and her Buddy]

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