Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pink Tutu & Little Babycakes.

I LOVE photography!! Now, I can't afford a DSLR camera and photographing a baby with a point and shoot that stalls ALL the time is tricky. (I miss all the cute moments) But some pictures are better then NO pictures right? I promise Addie smiles all the time but by the time I can get the camera ready she stopped...blarg!!! vent over-for now.
Today I wanted to get some pictures of my big 3 month old, I was going to put one of her cute little outfits on her but I decided that since this is a "see how big she is getting" kind of pictures I decided to just use a diaper cover and a Tutu her aunt made her. (I LOVE seeing her chubba chub-ness)

[My Babycakes]

Isn't she getting so big? Get ready for picture overload!

Love my sweet Addie!

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