Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 months of happy.

My tiny baby is now just a baby! She is SO big!! Also this is an incredibly fun age, probably my favorite age! Addie has her own personality thats for sure. I thought she would be a calm quiet baby that just played with her toys until I came and got her. (that was how forrest and I were) haha um, no. Addie only does what she wants, no cuts, buts no coconuts. I know I am almost 2 months behind on this but here she is, 6 months old! ---WHAT--- I have some parental advice-DON'T BLINK- babies just grow up to fast to blink. I suggest taping your eyes open, toothpicks are too painful. The past 6 months have been some of the most amazing, emotional, terrifying, exciting, and happiest months of my life! We love having our little sidekick around. (lets be honest, we are the sidekicks here) Forrest and I love to take her on adventures and show her new things. So here she is, in all her pink tutu glory. First debut of "the Pink Tutu" here

[Pink Tutu returns]

  • Lover of ALL things edible(or not)
  • Can find a microscopic needle in a monstrous haystack(teeny tiny who knows what in the carpet)
  • Lover of water in the tub and out
  • Only laughs hard for Daddy
  • Only snuggles Mommy
  • Has the ability to sleep anywhere
  • Loves baby "puffs"- doesn't seem to have a favorite flavor
  • Has the ability to eat a ridiculous amount of food
  • Likes to sing (we think it is singing, she only does it when music is playing)
  • Hates not being the boss
  • HATES anyone who messes with her food
  • Loves drinking apple juice from her "sippy cup"
  • Has to be included/feel like a big kid
  • Likes to turn the pages while reading books(card board only)
  • Observer of ALL things-copies some of them
  • Loves to be surprised
  • Laughs at monkeys
  • Lover of animals and children
  • LOVES the youtube "baby monkey riding on a pig" (the non animated one)
  • Uses her feet AND hands when playing with her toys
  • LOVES to cross her feet when lounging/relaxing (I love this, it cracks me up)
  • Her hair has only gotten longer and more...wispy = mullet. 

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