Monday, April 1, 2013

older and chubbier.

WAH! Babycakes is getting so big. She is her own little person, I can't believe how fast this is going by.  She is already 7 months old, it is crazy! Here she is-

[no pink Tutu]

  • Loves anything fluffy. (pillows, blankets, sweaters)
  • Playing peekaboo makes her giggle
  • Loves surprises
  • Stares deep into to soul of anyone she doesn't know
  • Has two little teeth and a little toothbrush that she loves! 
  • Rolles, pivots, and scoots backwards rather then crawling like a normal baby
  • Has to go on adventures or else she gets bored and cranky
  • Loves to have a set a schedule 
  • Is very focused when playing with her toys and very deliberate in picking what toy she wants.
  • Loves finger food
  • Stares down anyone eating food and wants some of what they have
  • Likes to make LOTS of noise (especially when eating in her highchair or everyone else is quite)
  • Loves to be upside down, tossed high in the air, and "fly" 
  • Giggled at- a goat, a puppy, and a miniature horse.
  • Will fake laugh randomly
  • Gets really excited if anyone else is excited
  • Scoots under the couch A LOT! (can't get to far under thanks to her diaper bum)
  • Will grab daddy's nose whenever he picks her up with out fail
  • Will pull, yank, and tast the hair of anyone holding her. 
  • Loves watching/petting animals...and children
  • Loves it when people whisper secrets in her ear.
  • Must tast everything she sees!


  1. Whispering secrets is my favorite. No matter what she is doing she will stop and listen to whatever you say. Its awesome!

  2. I love the "stares deep into your soul" one, haha! I swear Elle can see into my soul sometimes!
    We all love Elle's Jumperoo, it's a great one. You can get them off ebay cheaper and then just clean it up.
    Ours is the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo:

    Love the post, she's so big and cute!!!

    Love Amy :)