Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lets get real: "running"

I've always thought that I would love to run, but my body doesn't think so. So this year I've decided to learn to run and train my body to love it.
So far, my body has HATED me...to bad. My mind is LOVING it! exercise= happy momma- I can take on any moodiness babycakes throws at me.

So that brings me to my post: I prefer to run outside but that means people can see me. It's hard for me because I feel like I have to be this amazing runner or people think I'm a wimp. I think I have to have those cute little runner outfits and be tiny and in shape already. well I'm not, and I definitely don't full on run. I go from a walk to a pitiful jog, but I'm doing my best. I've decided that it doesn't matter what random people think. (sometimes not so random- Yay for small communities) I'm trying to accomplish a goal here and I'm doing the very best I can. I don't need a cute little neon/grey runners outfit or fancy accessories. So I decided to post real photos of what I look like after I "run" this is the reality of running for me. It's hard and painful but it is worth it for me, and you can do it to (unless you already run) I'm tired of seeing blogs that only make me feel worse. (how the heck can you look so cute after working so hard??) So here I am, post hobbly, wobbly "run"- post rainy muddy rout-

[Rainy Run]

I may look ridiculous and pathetic to others but I'm so proud of myself for the work I did. At the end of the day I feel so good about myself and when I go to bed I know I did MY very best. 

p.s- running in the rain is one of my favorite times to run, it is nice and cool and everything smells so good and looks so beautiful!
[Rainy Grass]
 side-note: there were worms EVERYWHERE!!!

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