Friday, April 12, 2013


Well I finished week 2 of training myself to run. (yeah, yeah!) and I'm feeling pretty good so I think I will move to week 3 of my Couch to 5K (I'm in LOVE with this app, it is perfect!!) On wednesday I had to "run" on my elliptical machine, which isn't the same thing I know but I felt the burn so better believe I counted it. Today I had my little running partner with me, she was great! (I'm so glad she LOVES being outside) Pushing a stroller and running was a little tricky for me, especially when I was getting tired-we may have been weaving. It didn't help that the payment was lopsided, cracked, and some segments were on a completely different level. (Sometimes I really 'love' living in utah) but I pushed on thru and I'm glad I did. I decided to run at a park that had little track like set up around the field- there were moms and little children everywhere and the moms kept watching me...meh. whatever, the worst part was there was a guy there running too (actually running) and he was basically running circles around me. I felt so ridiculous, oh well. It was so nice out side I decided to just soak up the beautiful day and the amazing music I was listening too. On the plus side, there were landscapers mowing the grass at a church right next to the park and so the sweet smell of fresh cut grass was everywhere. AAHH, it was perfect!!! I LOVE that smell!

[Real Deal]
(My face was SO red that I chickened out and did a black & white picture)

no I didn't go to provo college- husbands shirt- 

[Running Buddy]

EEE! she is just so freaking adorable!! - not sure why she kept putting her one leg up- 

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