Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Throne.

A couple months ago Addie got a high chair from her Aunt, Uncle, and two cute little cousins. They gave her a highchair!! I was so excited about it, and Addie....well she thinks it is her Throne. She squawks orders from her Throne whenever we put her in it. She likes feeling so tall and "big". She was sitting in a swing to eat and now she has a tall high chair that she can eat her food. She loves to feed herself so this highchair is perfect! We decided to make a little thank you video so they could see her enjoy the high chair and eat her favorite puffs from her high chair for the first time! She has perfected eating her puffs since the video. It is insane how in just a few months babies can learn and grow so much! 


New High chair from Melissa Hammeren on Vimeo.

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