Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beautiful One

Nope, this is not a running post. crazy. Little Babycakes turned ONE yesterday! We had a small little family party to celebrate. Since her birthday was on Tuesday we decided to have a little celebration and then have a fun friend party on a weekend. She was so cranky right before her party started so I was pretty worried but then she once people showed up she was so excited! She was so happy and loved all the love and support that everyone showed her.
[Big Girl Babycakes]

she was starting to get concerned when they started hitting her monkey friend!

So excited to open presents

Thank you Hugs All around!

So proud of her new Xylophone talent.

I made a teeny tiny cake for Addie, I always wanted to make a little cake for my babies first birthday. Definitely didn't turn out how I wanted but this was the fist time I ever stacked and frosted a cake. Not to shabby. Addie liked that is good!

She didn't understand that she could eat the cake, when she finally took a bite we all cheered and it scared poor addie. haha.

She was so concerned for her monkey friend after everyone took a hit at him.

Uncle Loggie got her a HUGE pink balloon!

What a wonderful family! Thank you all for coming and sharing this special day with us! Addie loves you all very much.

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