Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Face Fears.

We are trying to enjoy every last ray of sunshine before winter comes, and living in Utah winter could come 2 months from now or tomorrow you just never now, so every sunny day we get we head outside! On monday it was beautiful weather and Husband thought it would be fun to take babycakes out to feed the ducks. So we bought some cheap bread and headed out to find some ducks. On a side note, I am TERRIFIED of birds. It steams from a troubling and unfortunate event from my childhood. So feeding the ducks didn't sound to fun. In fact, when we pulled up ducks started coming over to our car and I wouldn't open my door, I went out the driver side door and climbed on top of my car. Birds hate me and I hate them. And yes, I have been chased by a duck- full on running/flying chase down. It was terrifying (this happened my freshmen year in college) Husband told me I need to face my fears, so I did my best but it was pretty scary. I could have had so many cute pictures but I was to afraid so all my photos were taken from a far.

So many ducks!! I was terrified!

             ^I kept trying to throw some bread to this little duck, every one would steel them from her^

 The geese were too cool for bread, they took off.

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