Friday, October 4, 2013

Photoshoot reality.

Photographing little ones is probably one of my FAVORITES because they are just SOO adorable! Plus Babycakes LOVES to watch me edit baby photos. (she also really loves watching me edit her photos hehe) The whole time she whispers "beeebeee" basically the most adorable thing of all time. So today I thought hey, lets go take some photos! So we bundled up and headed outside. There is this little grassy area by our condo so I thought we would go over there. As I searched for a spot to take the pictures and "set up shop" I noticed some little dog poops, and more, and MORE. Come to find out the whole dang area is covered with tiny dog poops!! ew. So I find a clean spot and set stuff up. But Babycakes wanted to explore and she couldn't because of all the dog poop! So what could have been and adorable photoshoot and some fun outside before the snow comes turned into a tantrum throwing 1 year old with a flustered mom. At one point my camera bonked her head- cue waterworks!- So my pictures didn't turn out the I thought they would. Also, because of all of Babycakes long locks headbands are tricky. I have to be careful to make sure all her hair is in place and then tuck or lay flat around the headband. So unfortunately she doesn't wear them much. (we are a clip fans) but I made a giant bow and it was so cute! AND I always loved headbands and knew my little girl would always wear them. But alas, this is not true. But on special occasions I'll put the effort into putting on a headband. Here are the results of our wonderful experience.
[Some good ones]



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