Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Month

So Forrest and his bestest bud have birthdays right next to each other so May basically turns into birthday month. Ben was super nice and shared his fancy birthday cake with us, it was delicious!!

The next day was Forrests birthday! We had a the traditional piƱata (and it was cold and rainy so we strung it up under the car port) presents, cake and family! Family make it so much more fun. We are so lucky to live so close to family. Forrest's cake was definitely not as fancy, he actually isn't a big fan of cake but LOVES rice crispy treats. So I tried to make a rice crispy treat cake with his favorite frosting. It was a fun experiment, didn't fast to shabby either. 

I just have to brag about this man for a minute. Forrest truly is my best friend, I know that is cliche but it is true. I can always count on him and he is always there when I need a friend. He helps straighten my weaknesses and puts up with my ridiculousness. (my insane fear of birds) He can always make laugh and puts me first. He is amazing and all who know him are sure lucky! He is an amazing and loyal friend. I'm so lucky he is my husband and that we can go through all the ups and downs in life together. Without him I would probably be a hermit who never goes outside and would stew in my den just hating humanity. Thanks to him I grow and learn and I'm not bitter. Love my handsome man! 

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