Sunday, July 6, 2014

American and proud

I love independence day! It is so refreshing to remember and celebrate the roots of our country. Especially now, at a time that it seems everyone is more interested in getting their way and what they deserve. They want to take everything this country is based on and destroy it. When waving an american flag in our country is found offensive then something needs to change! We were based off of cooperation and ideas. God and country, loyalty and pride. We respected each other and listened to each other. So on this holiday I forget all the politics and all the ridicoulusness of all that is happening in our country and I remember the amazing people who fought and continue to fight for our freedom. For the people who started a new country, one that doesn't serve a king. Where the people have a voice and we loved our country and the leaders.

We got to spend July 4th with family and friends. We had so much fun! Addie loved the fireworks and the excitement! Water fights, silly string fights, movies and delicious food.

^she wasn't' happy about getting squirted…^

^this girl decided to try and get dad with the bucket, well it backfired and she got dumped on 3 more times^

^when the silly string ran out, they made balls and had a war^

^then they tried to catch the ball in the cap^

^Addie wanted to try too^

^not a fan of loud sounds….same as me^

^snakes and smoke bombs^

^The traditional strobe light dance^
^yes, the S is backwards. Sparklers are tricky^

We hope you had a fantastic weekend and a wonderful independence day! 

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