Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life of Addie

Honestly I have no idea what goes through this little girls head. Her Imagination and the workings of her mind are beyond me. I'm not going to lie, most days are really challenging with this spunky, free spirited kid but I wouldn't change it for the world. She has so much personality is such a tiny body and I feel so terrible because I don't capture it enough. Last year I only had a few pictures of Addie being Addie. Here are some of the few I took.

^She is a big fan of animal books. Making the sounds is her favorite part

^She kept taking her birthday crown out of the birthday box and wearing it...backwards

Until a few weeks ago addie wasn't a big fan of clothes or getting her hair done. So most days she ran around like a little tarzan. She is also an extremely picky eater so olives and yogurt was pretty much the only thing we could get her to eat for a couple days. 

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