Monday, January 5, 2015


This year I'm going to be better at taking pictures of my family! I'm always taking pictures for other people and their families that I forget to take pictures of my own family. So sadly the pictures I took at thanksgiving were extremely limited.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family and it was filled with fun and traditions. We spent the night so we could wake up and enjoy the parade and cinnamon rolls, Addie loved it! The house smelled amazing all day and dinner was delicious. I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner and pie! Addie is a very picky eater (what happened to my food loving baby?) so she pretty much ate jello. Although she didn't eat all the delicious food she had a wonderful time with all her Aunts and Uncles, gama and gapa. 

^^Writing down what he is thankful for.

^^ I was too busy eating my yummy food, so this is the only picture I took....

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