Friday, January 28, 2011

Wife Lesson #1

   There are MANY lesson's I have learned during my first year of being married so I decided to post some of those lessons as they happen. The lesson I learned this week: Learn to Laugh
The way my brain works and my hubbsters brain works are completely different, and sometimes that can cause contention if you let it.            
for example, our blender is plastic and NOT dishwasher safe...well my hunky husband decided to help out and do the dishes....well, our blender melted and was too distorted to use on the base of the blender. He didn't know, he just wanted to help so I just laughed. Next example, (this one was a little more tough for me to laugh at) Husband helped me out by doing the laundry, as I was folding the laundry I noticed that all my nice towels had lovely bleach spots all over them, I was so confused as to why that would happen so I observed him doing the laundry. A-HA! he poured the detergent directly on the clothes. So now all my beautiful towels have big white/orange spots all over them. I just looked at my handsome husband smiled and started to laugh

Life is better if you Laugh, so lets all laugh a little more. 


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