Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our 2011. part 1

  This is the thing, I have so much to update on so I'm going to go through our year and that will catch you all up! each day I will update a little at a time. 


eh...catching up from the Holiday season.Also, BRRRR!!!! It was FREEZING COLD. We also had SO much snow! (unlike this year) 

We celebrated by staying at home, I decorated the house and surprised forrest when he got home.  And he surprised me with these amazing flowers! We also "heart attacked" our friends the dougies door with a TON of Jonas Brothers(um...YES!) valentine cards. and they got us back with this work of fine art.

Forrest and I loved it so much, that we have it hanging up in a frame in our house! YaY for Friendsies!! 

That is all for now. more months to come!

Thanks for reading our little blog.

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  1. Love the picture, they are very artistic! lol. So cute, keep the posts coming!