Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Toddler

Addie will always be my little baby, but I've had to accept that she is now a toddler. Although it is bittersweet to see her get older, this age she is at is SO fun. The hardest part for me is that she doesn't need me as much and she doesn't like to be swaddled up and rocked while I sing to her. However, whenever she gets hurt or sad/embarrassed she comes running to me for some heart warming snuggles, kisses and hugs. She may not let me rock/sing her to sleep but she will join me while we sing and dance around. I've been terrible at keeping up with all the new things she learns, it seems like everyday she has learned something amazing. So here she is, my toddler.

[almost 18 Months]

She loves to eat: Tomatoes, cheese, bananas and dipping her food in any sauce/yogurt

She loves to watch: Any part of a movie that has singing/fun music

Her newest "trick": bending over and waiting for someone to help her do a somersault, trying to sing the alphabet and getting every few letters right. 

She is a big fan of: Painting with a paint brush, spinning is circles, hiding, singing, putting things "away", wearing "pretty" jewelry, blowing kisses, tickling anyone, collecting rocks and leaves, doing mama's hair, closing and opening doors, saying hi to everyone, talking on the phone, telling jokes (at least we think that is what she is doing, she babbles and then laughs)

She loves "beebees" and likes to pat their tummies. 

When she dips her food in a sauce she always says "dip dip"  

If she catches you watching her while she is playing/talking to her toys or singing and dancing in her room she gets embarrassed. 

She loves puzzles and reading and exploring.

She is always busy doing something and I adore her! 

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