Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Vacation- Yellowstone

So we had a family reunion at my grandparents in Wyoming (more on that later) and we decided to drive through Yellowstone on our way back home. rained. I actually love rain and how beautiful and vibrant it made everything. The down side was getting wet. I was sad I didn't get any pictures of all the beautiful wildflowers.

Since it was rainy most of the pictures are from inside the car.

^Little baby cakes looking out the window^

^So, when we were driving to the mud pots forrest was asking how people walk around with wild animals everywhere. I was telling him they generally stay away from the busy places...then this guy was just chilling next to the boardwalk.

^And on our way back to our cars this guy comes through the parking lot. So I guess they do hang around people.^ 

^Yellowstone falls^

^headed to the top of the falls^

^Coming back from the falls we saw these two. Forrest was pretty excited. My dad took these pictures and there isn't a zoom on my lens, so he was pretty close. 

^the rain cloud^

Old Faithful

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